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A New Year!

Can you believe 2008 has come and gone?! It seems like only yesterday we were just starting it. Well, 2009 is officially here and we wanted to kick it off by giving you a brand new songOn My Own appears on our Split CD HYBRID and will also be on our next album. If you haven't already done so, pick up a copy of HYBRID at your local mom-and-pop music store! CLICK HERE to order your copy from SMARTPUNK. It's also available on iTunes. We've added all new songs to our MySpace player as well for you guys! 2009 holds a lot of great things in store for us and we can't wait to tell you all about it! Our merch is currently in a transition stage and it will be back soon. Be sure and check back often for more updates, as we'll be giving them to you frequently! We hope everyone had a great 2008 holiday season.

*The BLNT Boys*



Hey guys, it's time for some updates! First off, if you've been wanting to get your hands on our Split CD with Melody Fall, you don't have to wait much longer! There is going to be a very limited run of HYBRID available here in the States! World Records will be releasing it, but the run is going to be low at only 600 copies making it a very special BLNT release. The Split consists of 8 songs with 4 by us (3 covers and 1 original unreleased track). We'll have more on that as it develops. In other news, come join us on Saturday, October 25th with Finch and Unwritten Law! Check out the *SHOWS* section for all the details. We've been hard at work writing new songs and will continue to keep you guys updated. Stay tuned for news on the HYBRID release and we'll see ya' at the show!

*The BLNT Boys*