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U.S. Track Listing

As we mentioned, the U.S. version of A Lifetime of Learning is going to be loaded with exclusives not found on the Japanese release!  Below is the track listing that includes some of our earliest demos, some pre-production recordings from the Lifetime sessions, as well as an unreleased track!

1. Charades
2. The Soundtrack to My High School Years
3. Down and Out
4. Love Answers Everything
5. A Better Day
6. One More Time
7. Living In the Airwaves
8. Remember When
9. Trapped Inside Me
10. On My Own
11. Gone, But Not Forgotten
12. Shoebox Memories (Demo)
13. Chapters (Demo)
14. Second Chances (Demo)
15. In the End (Live Demo)
16. Remember When (Live Demo)
17. Trapped Inside Me (Live Demo)
18. Living In the Airwaves (Live Demo)
19. Charades (Live Demo)
20. The Soundtrack to My High School Years (Live Demo)
21. Truth For Two (Live Demo)


Yes, Another Lifetime Update

We’ve been getting a lot of E-Mails asking us what’s up with the release of Lifetime and just the band in general.  I know there’s been a lack of updates lately and we’re really sorry about that.  We’ve been working non-stop with this label trying to get the album out as soon as possible.  Things keep getting changed and pushed back, that’s why we haven’t updated anything.  So much has gone on/is going on with the band.  We just have to wait until we find out the absolute, 100% correct release date of Lifetime before we can announce everything else.  I know it sucks, it sucks for us too.  The last thing we want to do is give you guys false hope, but believe me, this album WILL come out if it kills us!  As soon as we find out anything, you’ll be reading it right here!  Thanx guys!



For all you BLNT fans that have stuck with us while we work to get Lifetime out to you, here’s something to be thankful for!  The album is being pressed and we will have a release date for you shortly!  We were having some contractual problems with the release, but they have since been straightened out.  This is the first time we have gone thru someone else rather than releasing it ourselves, and we want to thank you for being so patient as we work everything out.  It’s really cool to see everyone commenting; it just goes to show that you guys are the reason we push so hard to do what we do!  So thank you!!  Keep checking back because the indefinite release date will be announced very soon.

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